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This is a flexible installation mounting scheme.  Ther adjustable tracking can accomodate any panel trailer roof layout for different trailer configurations. A typical reffer installation requires 136 panels in a 53’ trailer.  AT 350 BTU’s of thermal energy storage capacity per panel we will be adding 47,600 BTU’s (about 4T) of thermal storage to each trailer.  This too can be adjusted.  If intermodal rail trailers need more thermal storage because they sit for extended periods of time, we simply add more tracking and panels.


There will be 4 side-by-side rows of tracking 34’ in length with a total width of around 81”.  Installation begins 10’ from the tail of the trailer and works its way towards the nose as you mount the tracks ending up about 9’ from the nose.  This way we are sure to be in front of the rear compressor and away from the tail where most of the banging takes place.  There will be end-caps on both the front and rear of the tracking to hold the ENRG Panels in place and protect them from contact.


The  tracks are aluminum and 10’ in length, 2” wide and 1 5/8” in height.  The total weight of the system for a 53’ trailer will be approximately 550 Lbs.


The retail cost per track with end-caps is $45.50.  The installation kit for a 53’ trailer will be (30) 10’ tracks, (2) 8’ end-caps and 165 Huck fasteners.  Retail price for the entire racking kit is $1430.



For fastening the tracking to the trailer roof we will be using a specialized rivet manufactured by Huck Fasteners.  These are specifically designed for high stress/torque/vibration environments and they have been installed extensively in trucks and trailers.  This will ensure that the tracking will not come down.

ENRG Panel Reefer Racking System™ - Multi Row

1 800,00$Cena
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