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Meet the Team

Green World Tek, LLC

Green World Tek, LLC, was formed in 2015 by Ken Lorence, an established HVAC professional and green product broker, as a Master Distributor of innovative energy conservation and green technologies.


"The goal was to bring together a like-minded team of industry professionals and build a line of products that can service a broad array of energy conservation needs globally." 


Green World Tek, LLC is based in Elgin, IL with sales offices in Ohio, Indiana, Mississippi, Tennessee, New Jersey, Arizona, Maryland and the Philippines. 


"We continue to add new, innovative products and people to the team who are collateral assets to ensure continuous improvement.  Together, with your help, we can make the world a better place for all of us."

--Ken Lorence


Dave Frawley

Chief Executive Officer

Ken Lorence,

Chief Applications Officer

Michael Fredricks,

Chief Revenue Officer


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