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Learn more about Phase Change and Applications

Have a project with requirements to "hold temp" in a space?  Looking to save money on heating and cooling costs?  Do you have cargo with critical temperature set points that you wish to protect while cutting fuel costs?   Does your building have chillers and wish to shift your costs to off peak hours?  Do you have greenhouses and wish to maintain the temperature and reduce your energy consumption and carbon footprint?  Phase Change Materials versatility and dependability will help you exceed your goals.


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Buildings and Structures

Need more information on how Phase Change Materials work in buildings and structures?  Click on the icon and learn more about the advantages.

Our Manufacturer

Want to gather some intel on our manufacturer, products and industries we service in addition to the industry breakdown and outlook?

PhaseStor Tanks for Chillers

See how Phase Change can shift your HVAC energy consumption to off-peak hours, and reduce energy and maintenance costs.

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ENERG Wrap Agriculture

Do you have temperature sensitive plant growing requirements and want to maximize production?

Refrigerated/Frozen Transport

Here is an excellent independent Engineering study on the effect of Phase Change Materials on reefer truck transport and the fuel and maintenance savings.

Energy Blanket Information

Learn more about Phase Change Energy Blankets and their thermal storage capabilities.

Telecom, Docks & Energy Panels

Heat is always an issue in telecom, switch and data rooms but Phase Change panels is your long-term solution. (Panels are also great for refrigerated and frozen docks!)

White Papers

Please feel free to review some of amazing results our customers have experienced in various applications and industries.

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Installations are Discreet

Phase Change doesn't interfere with your business or standard operating procedures.  You won't even know it is there while you enjoy amazing utility savings and reduced equipment maintenance costs.