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NOTE:  Sold in bundles which are 80 square feet per bundle or by sheet which is 8 square feet per sheet.


Our ENRG Blanket® product encloses our proprietary BioPCM® family of formulations between two rugged, multi-layer films (polymer and /or aluminum). The resulting “blanket” is tear-resistant, long-lasting, and will maintain its thermal performance for over 100 years. ENRG Blanket® product is easily placed above drop ceilings, in roofs, or stapled to exposed wall studs in retrofit or new construction.


Tuning the phase transition in the BioPCM® enables active heat absorption in the ENRG Blanket® product and delays the need for cooling in summer. Similarly, in winter, the ENRG Blanket® product can be tuned to absorb and release stored heat when room temperature drops below the desired set point.

ENRG Blanket Model M-35 Q23

100 Persegi
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